Liturgies for Parents
Liturgies for Parents with Kayla Craig
A Prayer for Work & Rest

A Prayer for Work & Rest

Work and rest can feel at odds with each other, especially when we consider work through the lens of productivity and rest through the lens of retreat. But what if we took these concepts and instead rooted them in belovedness? This week’s prayer comes from Justin McRoberts, a speaker, author, coach, musician, and podcast host. Join us for this special liturgy as we ask the One who calls us beloved to reshape our ideas of work and sabbath rest, letting them be pathways to knowing how deeply we are loved and how we may share perfect love with the world.

You can order Justin’s book, Sacred Strides: The Journey to Belovedness in Work and Rest here. Follow him on Instagram at @justinmcroberts.

Kayla's new book, Every Season Sacred, is an invitation to ask big questions, embrace faithful rhythms, and experience God’s mysterious, loving presence together. You don’t have to have all the answers—and if we’re honest, many answers aren’t ours to have. This is the beauty of faith. Preorder your copy here.

You can check out Liturgies for Parents on Instagram for more prayers and encouragement and pick up your own copy of To Light Their Way wherever books are sold. For glimpses of Kayla’s experiences with parenting and faith, find her on Instagram at @kayla_craig.

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Liturgies for Parents
Liturgies for Parents with Kayla Craig
If you're like most parents, you're exhausted. Prayer feels out of reach. But you're not alone.
With short, welcoming episodes, Liturgies for Parents invites parents like you to take a breath and find comfort in the prayers of another. Each week, you'll hear some scripture, a short prayer, and a gentle reminder of God's presence in your life from Kayla Craig, a mom of four and author of Every Season Sacred: Reflections, Prayers, and Invitations to Nourish Your Soul and Nurture Your Family Throughout the Year and To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers & Liturgies for Parents.
In a weary world, Liturgies for Parents offers a nuanced and nurturing moment of reprieve, inviting all who are raising kids to breathe and remember that God is with you.
Liturgies for Parents will leave you feeling a bit more centered and rooted in God's big love for you, your family, and your neighbors, too.
Liturgies for Parents is a part of the Christian Parenting Podcast Network. To find practical and spiritual advice to help you grow into the parent you want to be visit