Free Prayer Print Downloads for You

Here's a breath prayer & a modern liturgy for an ordinary day. Free for you to print!

Whoa, 2020. When I started Liturgies for Parents with prayers for turbulent times, I’m not sure any of us saw what would be ahead. A global pandemic? An awakening to racial inequity? A continued fracturing of political systems?

How in the world do we raise our kids in this world? It turns out that maybe prayer is more powerful than we think. Even now. Especially now. I hope Liturgies for Parents provides a reprieve for weary souls. A chance for us all to catch our collective breath (hello, breath prayers!) and center into God’s great compassion and mercy for us as we try to raise kids to love God and neighbor.

Thanks for being here. I promise not to spam your inbox. In fact, today I want to give you a gift. I commissioned artist Esther Vuong to create a printable for us from a modern liturgy I wrote for an ordinary day.

Isn’t it great? And…it’s yours! I’ve also included a breath prayer for obvious reasons.

To download: Just head here and use the super-secret code newsletterfriend. Just remember this is for your personal use only. (Tag me as @liturgiesforparents if you share on Instagram!) If you have a friend who might like these prints, no problem! Just send them here to sign up for the Liturgies for Parents newsletter. (As an author, one of the biggest gifts I receive are when a new friend signs up!)

What to do with the prints: Print (at home or a local print shop) and frame, throw them up on a bulletin board, tape them with washi-tape, laminate them with your back-to-school laminator (just me?).

As for me and my (messy) house: I have two weeks to finish my first draft of the prayer book manuscript. (Remember how I’m writing a book with Tyndale? It’ll tentatively release 2021 and will be chock-full of prayers for all of us!) I’ll be updating here as I go, so you’ll always be the first to know the scoop. I’ll also have more written liturgies and breath prayers included in these emails.

I’m honored every time a church shares a liturgy and every time a person says they found themselves in prayer. In turbulent times, we’re cultivating a special space here, rooted in God’s great and everlasting love.

Gratefully yours,

Kayla Craig for Liturgies for Parents